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Add your custom domain to your account!

While a free subdomain is a great way to get started, a website looks a lot more professional with a custom domain name. Fortunately, you can register your own domain name with an external company (like NameSilo) and use it on DEPHOST.

There are multiple ways you can add the domain name as an account. You can create it as a new account or add it to an existing account.

Before you start: configure your domain’s nameservers
Before you can add the domain name to your account, you need to verify it by setting the nameservers of the domain.

You can change your domain’s nameservers through the panel of your domain name provider. We’ve written our own generic article about how to update your nameservers, but you should check with your domain provider to know for sure how to change the nameservers on your domain.

The nameservers you should use are:

After changing your nameservers, it can take up to 24 hours for the new nameservers to be fully applied.

Option 1: Add the domain to a new account
To add your domain name to a new hosting account, simply log in to your client area, click the Create Account button, and select the “Custom Domain” option. Then, enter your own domain name in the box (without http:// or www) and continue with the setup as shown there.

Option 2: Add the domain to an existing account
Instead of creating a new account for your domain, you can also add a new domain to an account you’ve created before (possibly with another custom domain or a free subdomain).

To add your domain, log in to the Control Panel of the account (you can use the button in the client area to access it). In the control panel, you’ll find two sections: Addon Domains and Parked Domains.

If you already have another domain name on the account and would like your new domain to have the same content, you can use the Parked Domains option to add the domain. In there, you simply have to enter your domain name and choose the domain you want to make an alias of.

If you want to set up a separate website, or simply don’t have any other domains on the account, you can use the Addon Domains section. Simply enter your domain there and you’ll get a new directory for you to upload your website files to (typically <your domain>/htdocs).

After adding the domain: wait for DNS propagation
After you’ve added the domain name to your account, it probably won’t show your website right away. That’s because adding your domain name needs to configure our nameservers to point your domain name to the right hosting account. This change, like most DNS changes, can take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere. Unfortunately, we can’t speed that up, but you can work around it.

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